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Ministry of Education (Youth Pastor & Elementary Pastor)

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The Oriental Mission Church

Youth Pastor

Elementary Pastor

Position to be Discussed


Education Department Mission: 

God called us, everyone, to love God and others. Therefore, The Oriental Mission Church Education Department exists to connect students and families to God and others. We do this through empowering and embracing an individual’s self, others, and God. Also, we do it by equipping families and students to be a witness to one’s location. Learning and growing in the faith need to be put into action to bring glory to God. 


• We are currently seeking to hire pastors |


Job Overview: 


Responsible for all aspects of the youth ministry. This includes but is not limited to preaching, counseling, bible study, events, teacher recruitment/training. 




1) Friday Night (Youth) | Sunday (Youth and Elementary) | Online Worship (Elementary)

2) Saturday Morning (Education Department Meeting)


Education Qualifications: 


- Currently enrolled in or graduated from an accredited seminary 




1) Loves the Lord and People

2) Must have a passion for sharing the Gospel

3) Must have a family-centered ministry mindset

4) Teamwork is a must!

5) Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills: maintaining healthy, motivating relationships with

    pastors, elders, and volunteers in a Korean American Immigrant Church context.


How to Apply: 


Please submit the following to | “Open until filled” 

1) Cover Letter

2) Resume

3) Reference (to be requested before an interview)








Nara Han

OMC Church Manager